Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Water Damage 101

By Frank Zubricki

Water damage is a serious concern that many residential and commercial property owners will have to grapple with at some point. However, learning more about water damage and how to attain excellent restoration services can empower you to handle the issue quickly and correctly. Refer to the short outline provided below to attain the information necessary to accomplish this objective:

Water Damage
Water damage is a serious issue that can result from a plethora of problems on your residential or commercial property. Some of them include:

• Poor ventilation
• Damp basements
• Excessive humidity
• Roof leakages
• Damp carpets
• Flooding
• Leaking pipes

Mold Damage
Water damage and mold damage often surface in the same sentence, and there is a reason for this. The moist, damp environment created by water damage is the ideal setting for mold to thrive in. Unfortunately, mold can have a variety of adverse outcomes on your health if you are exposed to it continually. Some of those unwanted outcomes include:

• Coughing
• Allergies
• Wheezing
• Fatigue
• Sinus infections

In some cases, individuals who are exposed to mold find that their health symptoms increase substantively when they enter the home. Then, after spending a bit of time outdoors, the unwanted symptoms start to subside.

Finding The Right Water Damage Restoration Services
Once you realize that water damage has affected your property, it's important to take action immediately. By finding a great team of water damage restoration services, you can restore your property and resume your regular mode of living. Some of the attributes you should be looking for in a restoration company include:

• IICRC Certification
• Great Customer Reviews
• Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating
• Affordable Prices
• 24/7 Emergency Services

Call SERVPRO Immediately
If you find that your home or business has been subjected to water damage, there's only one company to call for fast, friendly restoration services: SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians possess extensive experience in this dynamic industry, and they are passionate about eliminating all water damage issues quickly and correctly. With more than 40 years of proficiency in the field, we've built our business on the solid foundation of excellence and ethics. For this reason, our company now maintains 1,650 franchises. We're ready to help eradicate your residential or commercial water damage issue immediately, so call us today. 

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